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Dog Bite Sleeve For Schutzhund, Ring Sport, Police K9

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Doberman Super Protection Bite Sleeve for Schutzhund Training

Do you need a universal supply for your dog training?
Do you want to make first steps and introduce your dog to the bite work?
Do you want your dog to be professionally trained?

Get this three level adjustable dog bite sleeve and you will get a perfect dog product that will serve you for many years. Three ways adjustable bite area is the most distinguishing feature of this dog supply that most dog trainers like. By regulating the level of hardness you can fully control the process of your dogs training.

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Bite Sleeve Pro Doberman Protection Training

Bite Sleeve for Doberman Protection Work

It is not just a standard dog bite sleeve it is a great product that can help you to train our dog from the young age and up to his / her adulthood. So you won't need to buy separately intermediate bite sleeve or professional bite sleeve. Get only this one item and you almost will have everything you need to make your dog a real hero.

Key features of this Dog Bite Sleeve:

  • Strong interior and exterior materials
  • Padded and comfy handle inside of the sleeve
  • Plastic extra protection shoulder shield
  • Leather belt for sleeve cover secure attachment
  • Perfect bite area angle
  • 3 ways adjustable bite area - puppy, young, adult dog
  • Special NK material

Intended use of this Dog Bite Sleeve:

  • Police training
  • Schutzhund training
  • Guard dog training
  • Protection training

If you own a big dog breed that is aimed to be your defender then a bite sleeve is a necessary dog product for your pet training. It is an indispensible tool towards great relusts in police and protection dog training.

Adjust the hardness of this dog bite sleeve according to your Doberman's level of training. There are 3 levels of hardness. Get started with only without or with only one inserted padding. Introduce the sleeve to your young dog, let him / her understand how he / she should bite it. When you see that your dog is getting better in biting work you may insert one more padding and thus make the sleeve harder so your dog can improve his /her biting skills further.

Please note that this training dog bite sleeve should be used only with cover. You may choose jute or French linen one.
Bite sleeve cover also adds some hardness, so you should take it into account as well when starting your Doberman's training.

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