• Model: PBB5J1017 Young Dog Bite Builder made of Jute

Doberman Dog Pro Training Bite Builder for Puppies


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Jute Dog Bite Developer for Young Dobermans and Puppies

Buy NEW Professional Training Bite Developer for training Young Dobermans! This soft bite builder works great for training young dogs and puppies. It’s a quality made product that is properly padded and equipped with two hidden handles for a strong grip. Try it with your Doberman - this Bite Developer is a great step up from the round jute tug toy to bite sleeve.

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Doberman dog training bite builder with hidden handles

Doberman Dog Jute bite developer for puppy bite work

Key features of this Young Doberman Dog Training Bite Developer:

  • Quality jute material
  • Reliable bite surface
  • Soft interior
  • Hidden hard handles
  • Easy bite grip angle for puppies

Intended use of this Young Doberman Dog Training Bite Developer:

  • Advanced puppy bite training
  • Better position grip building
  • Full bite grip building
  • Stronger grip development
Doberman dog bite builder of strong and reliable jute material

Bite Builder with inside handles for advanced puppy training

The bite builder is a great tool for growing dogs because it doesn't only provide proper bite training but also gets beginners interested in sleeve biting.
This particular bite builder is made of quality jute and properly stuffed. The stitching is hand made and the edges are lined and bound not to fray shortly. There are also two handles inside that are thick and easy to hold. This bite developer has good wedge, so the dog has to open its mouth wide to bite it.
Don’t hesitate! This is a perfect Bite Builder that is great for teaching specific targeting.

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