Correct feeding can guarantee wellness of Doberman

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I and my daughter have acquired a Doberman puppy (male, 2 weeks old). Now he is 2 months old, well-developed, clever pet.


I change meat with supplementary feedings–heart, liver, beef. But it is a problem with porridges, as all of them are always the same-buckwheat, millet. Sometimes I add spaghetti to the diet of my Doberman. And I always include vegetables there. But what else can I add to meat food of my pet?

The answer:

You should not try to change the ration of your Doberman to the maximum. First and foremost, the digestive system “ adapts” to certain feeding and sudden change of it may provoke indigestion, diarrhea and as a result weakening and feeling sick of Doberman puppy and all this may be followed by absolute food refusal. 

The fact that you are feeding a Doberman puppy with natural products (and not with dry food) is very good as this is a correct attitude excepting spaghetti because you should not give the dog this product at all.

It is not allowed to feed the dog with raw liver (the probability of helminthiasis is too high); you should cut it into small pieces and preliminary put them into boiling water for 6-8 minutes, then take them out from the water, cool and give to Doberman puppy.  

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