Tests for Doberman puppy

All about favorite breed–Doberman

Campbell’s test

In order to know the nature of Doberman puppy it is very useful to apply the test of William Campbell to the puppies. The test allows distinguishing behavioral treats and recommending Doberman puppy for different kinds of occupations.

Attention. The test is applied to the puppies at the age of 6-8 weeks old–no later.   
It is advised to carry out the test in a quiet, unfamiliar place whether nothing distracts the puppy. It is forbidden to cheer, caress the dog as well as speak to it.
1.    Social attraction


Place your Doberman puppy on the floor, recede a few paces in the direction opposite to the one you came from. Do sit and smite your hands together attracting Doberman’s attention.
In this situation the following behavioral patterns are typical:
  • A- Doberman puppy comes at a run at once, jumps on you, plays, grasps by your hands, its tail is turned up.
  • B- Doberman puppy runs up to you immediately and starts scratching a testing person with its paws, the tail is turned up.
  • C- Doberman puppy runs up naturally, but its tail is down.
  • D- Doberman puppy runs up not instantly but after some sort of hesitation and embarrassment, he is confused.
  • E- Doberman puppy dies not runs up at all.

2.    Ability to follow a person


Do stand beside Doberman puppy, then at a normal pace you should start to move away from the puppy. At that the following kinds of puppyish behavior may be observed:

  • A-    Doberman puppy runs after you at once, it is cheerful and tries to seize you by the legs; the tail is turned up.
  • B-    Doberman puppy runs after a testing person at once moving side by side or is under his feet; the tail is cocked.  
  • C-    Doberman puppy runs after a testing person at once but somehow wanly, slightly tremulously and falling behind; the tail is down.
  • D-    Doberman puppy follows a testing person too flabbily, he is confused and bewildered; the tail is down.  
  • E-    Doberman puppy does not follow a testing person and gets away. (Absolute refusal to follow).
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